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Mother of Eternal Love

The painting portrays the virgin, Mother of God, who guides us towards him, and we can see the intimate bond between them.

It is done in a traditional iconic style, but I have certainly moved away from the very emotionless traditional art.

The divinity of the icons is made radiant by adding a light luminous outline, and gives us an illusion of light/bright aura, and it sits on a golden background which depicts heaven.

Holy Virgin Mary's face is radiant with happiness and sheer pressure to have her beloved son in her arms.

Her mesmerising eyes look back at us with loads of motherly love.

Little Christ is shown as a small adult because he is not portrayed with a toddler's body. This is to symbolize his maturity and wisdom, even as a child. In my picture, child Jesus is also looking back at us with compassionate eyes and a cheerful face. He sits comfortably in his mother's arms and shows so much confidence in her.

The painting also highlights Mary's humility, piety, tenderness and motherly love and affection, which she pours to whomever looks upon her.

Meaning of the Greek symbols on the right hand side of the painting:

MP OY means Mother of God.

IC XC means Jesus Christ.

The symbols on Baby Jesus' halo mean "I am who I am".

A4 prints of the final painting are available for purchase for £30 per copy. Please drop me a message via my contacts page if you would like to buy.

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