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The Final Image

My Christ the Pantocrator painting has come to a successful end. As it's said, each painting of an icon is a prayer. May His grace come upon all who enjoy it.

The image of Christ Pantocrator was the first image of Christ which was ever made and it remains a central icon of the Eastern Orthodox church.

In the picture, Christ holds the New Testament in his left hand and makes the gesture of teaching/blessing with his right. He is portrayed as our loving compassionate father who listens to us and forgives us. The other character which can be seen on his face is the face of our judge who will deliver us.

Symbols on either side of Christ:

IC XC means Jesus Christ

Symbol in his halo means " I am who I am"

A4 prints of the final painting are available for purchase. Please drop me a message via my contacts page if you are interested.

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