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About the Artist: Roshen Bernadet

The artist Roshen Bernadet comes from humble beginnings. Born into a Catholic family in India, in the lush and green state of Kerala, Roshen showed signs of artistic excellence from a young age, winning art competitions from the age of 4 onwords.


After completing her schooling she found inspiration in her home town of Cochin which is a historic city with age-old buildings, monuments and beautiful cathedrals. Kerala is also a place of great historical beauty with beautiful beaches, lagoons and backwaters.


Roshen's Art focuses on the beauty of nature and also reflects her emotions and passion towards the world which she lives in and her believes. To her, every form of art is a form of therapy and it uplifts the inner soul in everyone who pays attention to its mystique beauty.


Roshen specialises in illustrative portraits mainly with pencil, pen & ink, acrylic and mixed media. She uses a play of colours to highlight facial features and expressions, bringing a life-like quality to the subjects in the portrait.


Her Iconography and religious art is being displayed in her local church and has a lot of admirers and collectors. Each of her religious pieces is a Prayer on canvas and has a lot of theological meaning to it.​​


Most of her landscape paintings bring a sense of tranquillity and peace, at the same time exploring the effects of colours and nature's warmth towards our inner wellbeing.


She is a member of Croydon Art Society which is one of the oldest Art Societies in England. 

Her works have collectors within England and internationally.    

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