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Iconography - My next steps

Once I think I have finished each step of the painting; I will always take few pictures of it with my Canon EOS 750 D camera, to get a good quality digital image and also as a record to show the steps followed. I will also get some good pictures using my mobile phone and immediately post it on my "Whats app" - Craft Group .

Let me say something about my tiny Arts group as you might hear a lot about them as you have started this journey into my tiny world.

My Arts Group is a group of lovely artistic, wonderful ladies with such beautiful heart. They are the source of my initial energy and encouragement. Our group founder is Freida and other members are Pam, Gail, Marion, Sue, Trudy, Teresa, Ann, Lorraine, Presilla and a few more gorgeous ladies.

And last but not the least my lovely family who has given me support to do this. My husband Britto is my heart beat. Just like our body reacts to the rhythm of our heart my modes vary according to husbands happiness and that could reflect in my paintings too. My two sons, Shaun and Jonah are my biggest critic's and my favourite models .

Christ Pantocrator - week3:

I have finished painting His clothes and a bit of halo.

All the areas which needed high light is complete but little bit more work has to be done with the halo. You will notice fine lines are being used to create detail and dimension.

I will be drawing a cross in his halo which will represent Christ in Latin.

Doing His picture is a great honour for me as an artist and a blessing in itself.

Thank you for being there for me and your comments are most appriciated.

Please log into my webpage to read my weekly blog.

Next week I will be doing the back ground and the book Christ is holding.

Till then love u and leave u Roshen xxx

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