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This is something new for me. But I had being thinking about it for some time now.

2016 I did a 3 meter poster for our St Dominic's church in South Croydon. It was the logo of " merciful like the Father". That was a successful piece and my friends suggested me do some pictures of Icons. My friend Sue even brought me a book on icons. It was real kind of her.

So ever since that time I had being thinking about this and slowly I kept on getting this image of Christ in my mind. At first it was mainly his eyes. Two staring eyes which seemed like it went through my heart. I started browsing in Google for such images and came across this picture of Christ Pantocrator and I thought wow! this the eyes I keep seeing . In the half-length image, Christ holds the New Testament in his left hand and makes the gesture of teaching or of blessing with his right. His eyes literally mesmerised me. I could wait no longer, so , this journey into Icons began.

The more I read about the icons and how our early Christians venerated this in such great devotion and respect and believed that it was miraculous and powerful. It was also interesting to know that this particular picture of Christ was one of the first images of Christ developed in the Early Christian Church. I had a feeling this love affair was meant to happen .

Since this was a new style and every detail of it had particular meaning I was a bit nervous in the beginning to do my sketch. I prayed for several days. YouTube Rosary also became my friend.

Week commencing 5th Feb 2018 I started practicing the style, using Sue's book, Google and youtube.

I finally did the final sketch on a 30*20 canvas. I prayed to my guardian angel to guide me as I progressed with it.

This blog is the true recollection of my journey and I wanted to pen it down as it is than just the artistic side of it. Knowing me as the artist and the emotions I went through while doing my Christ is as important as the finished work.

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