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Roshen's Art is based in Croydon, London and take commissions from the UK and Europe.  She does portraits, landscapes, iconography, Indian art and Illustrations.


She has always been very passionate about art and always enjoys portraying a wide range of subjects. Her favourite mediums are acrylic and pencil. Her work always has a very professional finish and high attention to detail which draws the viewer into her work.

Her acrylic works are both colourful and bring a sense of peace and serenity to the viewers

The portraits are in the illustrative portrait style. She tries to extract the beauty of the subject in the photograph, creating a visual art story out of it through her portraits using flow of line, shadows and light. Breathing life into still photographs, each piece will speak to you more and more as you look at it.


As an artist she was influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Raja Ravi Varma and also by artists of  the 20thcentuary like Frida Kahlo, Victor Yushkevich and Anita Nowinskaart. 


Please scroll through her gallery to see more of her works and enjoy the visual feast.


If you would like to have a commissioned work done by her please don't hesitate to contact Roshen by e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and whatsApp. 


Ph : +44 (0) 7786960719


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